For Pupils

We plan and deliver bespoke room escape sessions that combine mathematics with aspects of various other National Curriculum subjects to provide an engaging and robust cross-curricular learning experience. Each session is structured around an engaging theme which evolves as the pupils solve puzzles, unlock hidden items, crack codes, tackle problems and work together to unravel the mystery at hand. Our dedicated staff will liaise closely with the classroom teacher to create problems and puzzles that are suited to the pupils taking part in each session and tailored to their recent learning. Each session lasts around 45-60 minutes depending on your requirements and timetabling constraints.

For Staff

Are you looking for an innovative and engaging team-building session? Then look no further! We can develop a room escape game that suits your training needs and deliver it to staff as part of an INSET day or CPD twilight session. The session may purely be for team-building purposes. Equally, you may decide that you want to use the room escape session to complement a certain element of CPD. Either way, our dedicated team will liaise directly with you to provide a session that is tailor made to suit your needs.