Frequently Asked Questions

How are the sessions structured?

We supply 2 instructors for all bookings. Each session begins with a short briefing to introduce the theme to the pupils and also explain what they need to do. Pupils then split in to their teams to work towards solving the puzzles, cracking codes and unravelling the mystery at hand! This part of the session usually lasts for roughly 45 minutes but will vary depending on the age of the pupils and your requirements. Next, we hold a short plenary session to enable pupils to reflect on the team-work aspects of the session. In total, a session lasts for approximately 60 minutes depending on the age of the group.

Our school is not in the UK?

Yes, we love to visit schools internationally and have visited Ireland and France on multiple occasions. Please contact us for a personalised quote.

We have two classes per year group. Can both classes take part on the same day?

Yes, certainly. We limit each session to a single class in order to maximise pupil engagement and ensure that every pupil gets the most from each session. We are able to run up to 5 sessions in a day but if you would like us to work with more pupils than this, we are pleased to offer discounts to schools who book for consecutive days. Please contact us for a personalised quote.

What resources does our school need to provide?

All that we require is a suitable space (ground floor) with easy access and some electricity points. Our sessions work best when they are held in a sports hall or main hall. We would need access to the space 90 minutes before the sessions start and this can easily work around the start of day. We require one other adult to be present throughout the sessions but all classroom teachers and learning assistants are more than welcome to stay with the session and get involved. We often find the adults enjoy the sessions just as much the pupils! 

Our hall is required for lunch time. Are you able to work around this?

No problem at all as we are able to structure the timings of the sessions around this. Due to the need to pack the equipment away in the middle of the day however, depending on the length of the school day, it may mean that we are only able to deliver sessions to a maximum of three groups. We ensure that we discuss the space to be used during the booking process to identify where this may be applicable. 

Are the activities curriculum based?

Yes, each session that we deliver is designed with your pupils in mind. We will liaise closely with the class teacher in the run up to the session in order to establish what topics students have covered recently so that we can provide the best support. If you are looking for a specific aspects then please let us know, however it is not always possible to include everything that is suggested but we will try and fit in as much as possible.

How far in advance do we need to book?

We recommend booking as far in advance as possible. The more time we have, the better we can design the session to suit your pupils. As a guide, we usually need around 4-6 weeks from the start of the booking process to the delivery of the session in order to make the right preparations. We also accept bookings with shorter notice than this but we may not be able to accommodate everything you would like. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our school is quite small. Do you offer half day sessions?

Yes, we can offer half day sessions at a discounted rate and these can take place either before or after lunch. Alternatively, some smaller schools look to pair up with another local school and we can come and work with both schools in one day (in a single location). This can work out as a very affordable option for smaller schools.